‌Development of data projects

Projects are developed in the fields of data analytics and engineering from idea to full project implementation and further updates and maintenance.

The main areas of project development:
- Business processes, their development and measurement solutions;
- Defining and adapting KPIs and OKRs to processes;
- Implementation of BIG DATA solutions;
- Data visualization and creation of automated dashboards;
- Implementation of machine learning solutions;
- Development and implementation of business applications;
- Implementation of business process digitization and automation solutions.

The created projects are linked to the existing data infrastructure and automatic data flow is enabled.

‌Once the design is fully developed and tested, it is released into a real environment for the end user to test and use.

After the start of the project live and after the initial testing, active error correction and continuous project supervision continue.

‌‌After correcting the errors and approving the latest version of the project, periodic monitoring of the project continues.

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