Data science services
from student to expert


Academy of Data Science

DATACADEMY creates, organizes and conducts data science and data engineering courses for private individuals and companies

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Talent Acceleration Program

In the DATASPIN talent accelerator, we train JUNIOR-level data specialists to SENIOR-level professionals

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Development of Data Projects

DATACARE Group develops, implements and maintains advanced data science and data engineering solutions for companies according to their individual needs

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We are experts in data management and analytics. The main areas of activity are the academic training of data analysts, talent development and development of projects related to data analysis. We started our activities with the retraining of specialists, where we provide specialists in various fields not only with data analysis skills, but also with strong programming fundamentals.

‌Seeing the huge shortage of specialists in the IT field on the market, we noticed that both retrained specialists and young IT specialists face difficulties in finding employment. Analyzing the reasons, we realized that the market lacks confidence in young IT professionals and their skills, so we created a special talent acceleration program, which provides a unique opportunity for businesses to accelerate talented specialists to specialists developing data analysis projects independently in a very short time. ‌

With many years of experience in streamlining business processes, we also help businesses in different fields not only by offering talented specialists, but also our services in creating and implementing data projects. We develop and implement projects in various fields, starting from retail trade and ending with state organizations.

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