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DATACADEMY develops, organizes and conducts data science and data engineering courses for individuals and companies


In the DATASPIN talent accelerator, we raise JUNIOR level data specialists to SENIOR level professionals


DATACARE group develops, implements and maintains advanced data science and data engineering solutions for companies according to their individual needs

"Prior to the Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals training, I had only superficial theoretical knowledge. The teacher perfectly conveyed not only theoretical but also practical knowledge! During the training, a lot of attention was paid to the performance of practical tasks, answers to questions and problem solving. It was always possible to contact the teacher. Good mood is guaranteed during the training!"

Asta Kazimieraitytė

The Government of the Republic of Lithuania

LEAN project coordinator

"If I had to choose the most memorable training from the many I had - these would definitely be one of them :) The most impressive was the ability to involve participants with different levels of experience and, despite the distance learning format, to translate the subject very simply, "people's language" ... , professionalism and the ability to spread positive energy, find even simpler and more effective solutions encourages curiosity and the desire to return to training to improve further ...."

Dovilė Lebetkevičienė


Customer Offering Manager

"The training, during which the teacher introduced the basics of SQL, Power BI and Python, was quite intensive, but all the information was presented very clearly and consistently, and the whole theoretical part was supplemented by various practical tasks. The teacher paid a lot of attention to each student during the lectures, was open to questions and easily accessible. The knowledge and skills acquired in a relatively short time really met all expectations!"

Aleksas Jadevicius


FP&A & Reporting Specialist

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