Data projects

Sales Management

KPI measurement system with Power BI

Every day report

This project is specially prepared for the sales team, which meets once a day or once a week for a quick discussion of the results. With the help of Power BI , the report automatically collects data from several different sources: CRM systems, financial accounting systems, ERP business management systems, warehousing systems, and general Excel the file that contains the goals.

Added value

With this report, the team has reduced meeting time by up to 5 times and significantly improved proper task allocation . Transparent and uniformly measured processes have not only improved mutual trust , but also transformed unhealthy competition into gamified and manageable pursuit of goals.

One of the most important achievements of this project is that managers no longer had to force a team to fill the CRM system, this function was best taken over by public and transparent monitoring of results.

The report uses exceptional project analysis techniques such as "diagonal buffer" analysis.

This analytics system has streamlined the sales process the way it was designed and allows you to focus on the processes that require the most attention.