Data experts

We are experts in data management and analysis. The main areas of activity are the academic training of data analysts, the development of talent and the development of data analysis projects. We started our activities with the retraining of specialists, where we provide specialists in various fields not only with data analysis skills, but also with a strong programming foundation.

Seeing the huge shortage of IT professionals in the market, we have noticed that both retrained professionals and young IT professionals have difficulty finding employment. Analyzing the reasons, we realized that the market lacks confidence in young IT professionals and their skills, so we created a special talent acceleration program that provides a unique opportunity for business, to accelerate talented professionals to self-driven data analysis professionals in a very short time.

With many years of experience in streamlining business processes, we also help businesses in different fields not only by offering talented professionals, but also by developing our services and implementing data projects. We develop and implement projects in various fields, from retail to government organizations.


We run data analytics and data engineering courses for specialists of various profiles and those without work experience. The courses are run by both individuals and companies. We gather evening and day groups, where classes take place 3-5 times a week. We also run individual classes.
We have two main course programs: Data Analytics and Data Engineering.

Data Analytics course is intended for individuals who wish to acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the fields of data analytics and data science. This course also helps to understand whether areas such as data analysis and data science are fun and understandable for everyone individually. This course consists of three related and complementary parts:

  • SQL data queries;
  • Power BI data visualization;
  • Python programming;

The data engineering course is mainly focused on the Microsoft Power platform, which is designed for the development of business applications and business automation solutions. This course consists of five parts:

  • Power Apps business application development;
  • Power Automate business process automation;
  • Power BI business analytics visualization;
  • Power Virtual Agent virtualių robotų kūrimas;
  • Power Shell IT įrankių automatizavimas;

These courses are designed for novice data analysts with no experience in data management and processing. However, both in the standard material and during the course, we provide intermediate and even advanced level information, tasks and examples for stronger students or experienced professionals.

Talent acceleration program

Talented students who have completed our courses are invited to join the talent acceleration program, which is designed to make it easier for companies to recruit IT professionals and accelerate the results generated by talent. For talents, this is a unique opportunity not only to deepen their newly acquired knowledge in real projects, but also to improve their skills in both data analysis and project management in a highly concentrated way.

Within the scope of this program, companies are recruiting talent from our list of candidates for the potential program for potential employment. The company coordinates with the candidate or several candidates the remuneration paid during the talent acceleration program. For the talent selected for the acceleration program, we assign a mentor, the tools and environment required for the job, and create an individual program plan. During the program, the talent, together with our mentor, develops the data projects requested by the company or agreed upon at their discretion. Project development uses Agile" project management methodologies and, accordingly, tools to support this methodology.

The duration of the program is from 3 to 6 months. Upon completion of the program, the company enters into a permanent employment contract with the talent or agrees on another form of cooperation.

Project development

Companies have been actively analyzing data relatively recently. In recent years, more and more companies are gaining their competitive advantage by streamlining and automating business processes. We can only achieve maximum process efficiency by measuring and managing data.

We develop, implement and maintain data management and analysis projects. We solve big data challenges using modern data analysis and management tools. Starting with unique KPI or motivational systems measurement solutions and ending with process efficiency using ERP, CRM ERP, CRM or other systems.